Carla (carlaiscool) wrote,

happy birthday?

okay... so my wisdom teeth are out. the whole surgery thing was so trippy. they put the gas on and after like 2 minutes it sounded like all my nurses were rapping but going in slow motion too. 
i remember the gas but i dont remember anything after that up until i was in the car on my way home.

apparently some of the things i said where:
who am i?
where am i? 
whats in my mouth?
are my eyes okay? 
how did i get here?
who are you? (to my mom)

it hurt pretty bad after i got home and the tylenol 3 they gave me werent strong enough. i took like 4 in 4 hours and i was still in a lot of pain. i ended up taking extra strength tylenol and that worked a lot better.

for my birthday i got:
an amazing video camera from my parents
$10 from ju williams
ice age 2 and a little ice age lunch box thing (totally awesome) from brian
awesome huge glasses from ally abernathy
a shirt, glasses, an ipod holder thing and earrings from my sister
sandals and earrings from julianna
and an itunes gift card from my mom

everyone should come visit me because im gonna be stuck here all weekend

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